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In April of 1965 Shop-O-Rama was formed in Draffenville as primarily a hardware store. Through the years the store added more space and added more variety which included men’s and women’s clothing, work boots, giftware, etc. In 2021, the store underwent major changes to the exterior and interior of the store to update it and add to the already unique flavor.

A significant part of those changes was the creation of 65 & Oak Boutique. 65 & Oak Boutique is geared towards girls and ladies looking for younger styles and different looks.

Not only did we put together a stylish look for them, but setup their site and listings to be SEO friendly. In today’s eCommerce, SEO optimized sites are a “must have”! And you can’t forget speed! We’ve optimized the site for quick loading times and uptime.

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65 & Oak Boutique


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As a Small Business Website Design Company owned and run by Christians, we understand the needs and expectations of other Christian small business owners. You need a web design & marketing company that understands you on a professional, personal and moral level. A Company that provides effective solutions and that runs its projects with integrity. The first thing we do when we start is… ask a lot of questions. We want to know who your customer is and we want to know who you are. We get inside the heads of both “individuals” and find out how to make a deep emotional connection between the two. Based on years of experience with Small Business owners we have put together creative, simple, and effective solutions that will help your business reach new levels online.

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65 & Oak Boutique Website

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