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Genesis Reloaded: Genesis Designs Makeover

We’ve been quite busy during the holiday season. Not only are we launching 2 new client sites over the next few days, we’ve also dove into redesigning our own site. While our original design was good, we just weren’t satisfied with it.

We’ve not only redesigned the site, but we’ve refreshed our brand as well. We are very proud to present to you Genesis Reloaded!

Are you looking for a new website? Or maybe yours needs a refreshing? We’ll be glad to help you out. Just let us know.


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As a Small Business Website Design Company owned and run by Christians, we understand the needs and expectations of other Christian small business owners. You need a web design & marketing company that understands you on a professional, personal and moral level. A Company that provides effective solutions and that runs its projects with integrity. The first thing we do when we start is… ask a lot of questions. We want to know who your customer is and we want to know who you are. We get inside the heads of both “individuals” and find out how to make a deep emotional connection between the two. Based on years of experience with Small Business owners we have put together creative, simple, and effective solutions that will help your business reach new levels online.

Blackberry Cottage Soaps Website

65 & Oak Boutique Website

Impact Church – ReLoaded

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